About us

About us

The ''GoldLeaf'' company is included in the small number of market leaders in Armenia developing its business in the sphere of elite interior design.                                                                

Our  operation includes decorative renovation works with making of mural painting,  plaster modeling, decoration stucco as well as gilding (with gold leaf) and marbling.

As a result of well-advised, highly artistic and delicate work, performed by our experts of first rank which are truly perfect masters of their craft, the interior has taken a majestic and refined appearance.                                                                                                                 

The ''GoldLeaf'' company works with the whole of complex of the most high-quality materials manufactured by the world-known brands and being in great success and demand over the world.                                                                                                                                     

Our great team composed of outstanding experts, possessing of secrets and know-how of processes for successful making design in the most diverse trends of classical and modern styles.  These are clever, competent, skilful masters of high quality. They have improved and perfected their skills owing to experience of the most complicated works of many years.                      

In Armenia we have carried out and at present fulfill decorative renovation and design works in the whole number of the biggest and known elite construction projects and properties such as the Government House, huge hotel complexes, cultural centers, resthouses, sport halls, bowling centers, concert halls, entertainment centers, restaurants, mansions, detached houses, castles and so on.                                                                                               

Тhe major companies, respectable representatives from serious  ranges of big business as well as known and respected companies of medium-sized business were our consumers.                 

We hope that you will be intersted in the highest level of quality, aesthetics and mastery of the creations, made by our designers.                                                                                         

If it’s so, we would be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation with you.